Ang Nawawala



Patuloy na tumatakbo sa madilim na lugar na ‘di mo mawari.

Buong puwersang kumakawala sa kadena na ikaw mismo ang nagtali.

Kasabay pa ng pakiramdam na para bang mag-isa pero ‘di mo maamin.

Takot sa bulong at sulyap ng mga tao sa paligid.

Paano nga ba tumakas sa rehas na ikaw ang mismong nagtayo?

Sino nga ba ang tunay na sayo ay magtatayo?

Ang Nawawala

A Past is a Dead Soul

“A Past is a Dead Soul. You are new—and you are in control.”

Christmas is a celebration of love in general. A highly-anticipated holiday every person in the world knew about regardless of their religion or beliefs. It is one of the perfect events to catch up with the people we care about, to cherish the moment we have. But, do we really need an specific time to finally move forward? Do we really need to be apprised to remember? Love is contagious but it is up to us when and how to let it in. If there’s one thing that acts as a barrier against genuine happiness it is grudge. Past memories are a huge factor that affects who we are today. But will you let grudge take over what’s store for you in the future?

You are better than before, you are way better than the hate in you. Who you were is indeed a part of you but it doesn’t define you as a whole. You can’t change who you were but you can lead who you will be—and that’s one of the greatest thing in life.

A Past is a Dead Soul

A Man’s Tears

First, a woman devoured by light

Appeared like a thief in the night

Recklessly excavated the forgotten, scruffy grave

Of the corpse of my bottled aches


Followed by the man with curls

Whose thumb can cover my face

Dragged me by the collar to the lake

“See! See! Can you recognize yourself?” he teased

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A Man’s Tears

My Depression is Insane

I am fragile. My depression is insane—selfish. She wants all the attention in the world.

She wakes up so late in the morning because she likes to stare at the ceiling at 3 am. She doesn’t want to attend my classes, school works make her sick. She eats a lot. She loves to lie at my bed all day. For her, even the simplest tasks are too overwhelming. She’s so quiet and so lazy. But most of the times she’s undeniably crazy. She cries a lot and I don’t know why. When my dog peed on my bed, she cries. When I lack a piece of coin, she cries. When someone shouts, she cries. When something is missing, she cries. When she sat, she cries. When she sleeps, she cries.

She wants to escape this world…with me. I said, “No”—and she mumbles. She is sad just like I am. She is misunderstood. She is ignored. She stares at the passersby who don’t care.

My Depression is Insane

Heart Matters

If only my heart can speak, it will probably shout something, everything about you—‘cause all it has is you. You are special, so special. Yet, I don’t want to see you. Not that I don’t want you but…but I’m afraid you’ll hear what my heart got to say. If only my heart can speak, you’ll know everything. It will tell you how your stares make me fall in love with you over and over again.

Heart Matters