Maro Benipayo

I read books a lot. I read books that make me feel special. I read books that are willing to take my hand and run away with me from this demanding world. I read books that aren’t afraid to be with me. I read books that stare at me without judgment.

I love watching films. I watch films that carry me around. I watch films that shed my tears away without being so harsh. I watch films that make my heart happy. I watch films that doesn’t took advantage of my vulnerability.

I love listening to music. I listen to music that is also willing to hear me speak. I listen to music that hugs me when I cry. I listen to music to hear thousands and thousands of voices around the world, shout.

I write poems, essays, and short stories that kisses me on my forehead.

I make arts that tug my hair away from my face.

I stare at passersby who doesn’t care.