You matter

Life is useless if there is no one who lives for it.”
For those people who insist on saying that: “Pain is temporary”, I’m sorry to say but I disagree. Pain is something that will make you a different version of yourself. It is something that will make you a much stronger or a much weaker person. It is something that will always remind you of who you were. Indeed, pain will always be a reminder of who you are and what you do. But no matter how vulnerable you are, no matter how tough you are—you are not, never, forgotten. There are a bunch of people who knows you by heart, who loves you in a clever way, who will be crushed to pieces to see you gone. Despite the thoughts of you being alone, of you having no one to run to—I’m telling you, you are never alone. Your smile is never taken for granted by everyone, your woes are heard by two or three and you exist in someone’s life. You matter. No matter how much you hate yourself; there is always someone who loves you unconditionally.
Your laughs, your cries, your butterflies on your stomach, your heartaches, your victory, and your defeat—are what makes you “you”. And you, as a person, are what make this world run. Without you, the world will revise its turns and everything will be changed. So, never ever belittle yourself, never think that you are unworthy because you are a part of this society who continually makes this world a living paradise.
You matter

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