The World is Vast

“The world is bigger and bolder outside your own shell.”

As a kid, we are thought to never talk to strangers—to never go or rather talk to anyone who we are not familiar with. As for the majority of us, we are still inclined in this teaching that the opinions of others that contradicts our own beliefs, we often disregarded. We are too fond of ourselves and most of the times thought that no one’s perception matters than our own. But the major plot twist here is the fact that your personal world is just a small chunk of what the world is made up of.

Open-mindedness is the key to further travel and understand this world. There are a lot of things to be discovered and to look forward to. For example, travelling without experiencing the real culture of each place you’ve been through is a waste of time. When you travel, you should put yourself not entirely but genuinely and with respect in the culture of each place—in that way, you’ll leave tracks on that place and that place will leave tracks on your personality. The world is vast than you can imagine. Different people, cultures, beliefs, and perceptions exist. And the best way to experience the whole world is by opening our minds and our hearts to countless possibilities.

The World is Vast

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