A Man’s Tears

First, a woman devoured by light

Appeared like a thief in the night

Recklessly excavated the forgotten, scruffy grave

Of the corpse of my bottled aches


Followed by the man with curls

Whose thumb can cover my face

Dragged me by the collar to the lake

“See! See! Can you recognize yourself?” he teased


And then, look! An enormous smoke dances with the wind

Man, I can’t see in here!

Wait! Help! Where have you taken me?

I can’t move! Remove me from this tight room!


Oh God! Oh God!

What have I done to my life?

Consuming my breath to wickedness

Sleeping over the necks of your men


Hear me! Hear me cry!

On my knees I will lie

Let me taste the stars in the sky

I beg you, please, hear me cry!



(Inspired by the short story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens)

A Man’s Tears

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