One-sided Love

I have my own definition of one-sided love. It is not loving a person who doesn’t love you the same but loving a person who loves you…but with restriction.

Yes, it is true. You love me as I love you but let’s get real here. You told me a lot of times how seeing me gives you comfort, how my laugh delights you, how you always wanted my company, how you love my humor, how I always care for you. But, little did you know that I have flaws? Or maybe you know. I don’t know. Last time I told you I’m lonely, you were sick and can’t come over. Me being me, believed you. Maybe you need some rest and I believed I am old enough to take care of myself. It becomes a norm. You have time for my jokes but not for my scars. When it’s dark, you disappear like a shadow. You know I’m afraid of the dark but you let me enter the cave at night on my own. I asked you if you can walk with me but you told me you forgot your phone at your tent, so you ran away. I went alone. Every step I take, the fear on me grows. You told me you love me, but why can’t you just at least hand me your torch?

One-sided Love

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