#StopMislabelling (Depression)

Last night, I’ve came across a Face book post that tackles about how people use terms of mental illnesses as an adjective. (See the post I’m referring to by clicking here) There are wide varieties of mental illness both known today and stated at that post, but I will focus more about Depression since that is the things I can relate to.

Depression is a thing—an illness. Admit it or not, most people thought that depression is the same thing as worrying and/or over-thinking which is absolutely wrong. Depression as I’ve said is an illness same as when you got a high fever. It should be treated fairly and not be ignored or worse underestimated. Depression is honestly cannot be easily defined specifically & scientifically. But then, depression is beyond sadness and a feeling of emptiness and if you asked those persons who personally suffers depression, there is a huge possibility that they, themselves, doesn’t know how to explain or rather understand the cause of their pain. Some depression are caused by traumatic experiences and some just happened to be present; but regardless of those, they are both depression and it causes destruction on people who suffers.

So, then, why should we advocate #StopMislabelling?

These days, when people are tired or overwhelmed by a certain workload or life events, they tend to say “I am depressed.” Why make it such a big deal? The problem with that is that people’s perspective towards depression is narrowed.  If I, for example, tell people that I have depression, some will pity and some will misjudge—neither of those two is what we want. Most of the people will think that I am over-thinking and I am the one who makes my life more complicated well, in fact, I didn’t chose to have this illness. Depression is not a thing that you can turn on & off if you desires, and that is the fact that everyone should know. Those misuses of terms have an effect on how people see and define mental illnesses. Because of that, majority of the people thought that every mental illness is just a small thing and should not be given much attention unlike those persons who have cancers. Just because mental illnesses aren’t visible, it’s doesn’t mean that it is not fatal. If you don’t happen to know, there are huge numbers of mental illnesses that led to suicide just because they were misjudged for being an attention-seeker and/or their illness were underestimated. Every time the terms of mental illnesses are misused, a person who suffers from those tends to feel agitated in a way that they thought that what they are struggling with are irrelevant. Words are powerful so we should exert more effort to be careful on the things we say. We can help people to take mental illnesses seriously by educating them on what really are those—and #StopMislabelling will be such a huge help.

#StopMislabelling (Depression)

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