The World has Limbs

Science has taught us that our world is round. It has lands, waters, and the sky. Science has also taught us about the existence of gravity. They say that this thing is the reason why we don’t fall off the universe. Scientists have this speculation that Mars is quite the same as our world. They say that we, humans, can survive living on it. When one day the population of our world should be divided into two, half will live on Mars and the other half stays, and they’ll ask me where I would want to continue my life, I wouldn’t know.

But, my world is different; mine isn’t round at all. My world has limbs, pulse, and laughs. Its limbs secure me each day, its pulse connects me to it, and its laughs make my heart respond in a very rare act. My world, I think, has no gravity on it at all. Because yesterday, I fell; and today, believe me or not, I’m floating. I kept on falling and falling and falling. I have seen from not-so-far-away another world that looks the same as my world. I had passed on it a couple times but I kept going back on mine; I love my world. I do. I didn’t leave my world. I never left my world. My world had left me. So today, my world and I had parted, and they keep on asking how I will continue my life, I don’t know.

The World has Limbs

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