When I Die

When I exhaled my last breathe

And my heart no longer beats

Will you flash a smile for me?

And do a favor as I ask?


When I die

Can you place my hands on my ears?

I’m not sure about this, but I don’t wanna hear another sobs

Put me in a casket facing downwards

To avoid people to stare at my devastated life

Dug a grave lower than my worth

Yes, I will allow everyone to step on me

That’s how it works right?

When people died, they are buried together with their loneliness


When I die

I want you to play silly songs in the morning

and at night watch a video of a baby rapping

Try at least once to go to a club

and dance with the person who loves crab

Visit your former secondary school at Wednesday

and tell one kid that love is not a relay

Eat my favorite bubblegum ice cream

close your eyes and tell me how much you hate it

Play all the arcade games at the mall, twice

and give all your tickets to a kid who eats something with ice

Go to a famous artist’s concert

and dance with no concern

Buy a two pet fishes

and name them ‘Hugs & Kisses’

Call a random number that ends with four

and tell them that they are born to be wonderful

Learn and practice calligraphy

and write how awesome you are

I want you to be happy

I always wanted you to be happy


When I die…

Please, forget me completely

When I Die

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