Writer’s Block

I would love to see you dance with the stars above

And film you… film you spark…

film you laugh from afar…

without me

i need you

I need you


I have written a few stanzas

But nothing seems to fit perfectly

There is something that lacks

And I, myself, can’t figure it out


You are my sweetest downfall

so sweet it made me fall


I’ve been writing a thousand words

And end up crossing it out off the prose

What else rhymes with adore?

I failed writing your name under that word


The freckles of the moon and

the gloom of the sun…

I love looking at the stars at night


The ink on my pen is about to run out

And there’s only one piece of paper to write

Guess what, what I’ve done

I wrote your name a million times


I gave you the moon

and you threw it back

You danced with the stars, so long

it blinded you


I can’t think of the right words

I can’t find the right person

In this imperfect world

I remain a constant curse


I loved you

No… I mean

I still do


Writer’s Block

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