How to be Happy

Escape your house with nothing but an MP3 player, paper & pen

Go to the nearest bus station & ride a random bus

And oh! It would work better if it’s raining

If there weren’t enough people inside, go to the back seats

If there were a few seats left, make a good decision by sitting beside a sleeping person

And oh! It’s also better if you’re sitting next to the bus window

Plugged in your earphones and prepare yourself to escape this mad world

Close your eyes as you listen to the heart-felt music of Keaton Henson

Consume all the words he spokes and hums he produces

If you happen to feel your pulse creating a melody & your soul dancing,

Open your eyes

Open your eyes and let your fingers draw the sketches of your life

Enjoy the music that silences you

Enjoy the emptiness the fills you

Enjoy your escape, darling

Darling, you deserve it

You deserve to be happy once in a while

How to be Happy

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